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Homemade Ghee...clarified butter from unsalted butter..

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Is there anyone who doesn't love ghee?? I am yet to find any!! The color, smell, flavor and the taste it adds to anything that is cooked with it is just amazing. We love some generous servings of ghee on paranthas, rotis and indian desserts. Not only does ghee has a high smoke point, it is great for baking too. Ghee is also lactose and casein free as the butter is cooked until the milk solids are totally removed leaving behind some pure liquid gold. Ghee helps in simulating your digestive system unlike other oils which slows them down and deposits in your stomach. Did you know you could get some glowing skin by regular consumption of ghee in limited amounts??

Today i am using unsalted butter for making ghee. My mom used to make them by collecting milk cream from boiled milk over the time. Sadly because milk is pasteurized i dont really bother boiling it, plus its used only for making tea or coffee. If you can, get some good quality grass fed organic butter for best quality ghee. You can save alot of money if you make them at home considering how cheap is unsalted butter.

I have used 3 sticks of unsalted butter. Cube them into 1 inch pieces so that they start heating up evenly and faster.

Place them in a saucepan and start simmering over medium to high heat for the first 5 minutes.

Lower down the flame to medium to low and keep stirring occasionally.

You should see the scum forming on top. Keep stirring at intervals.

After another 10 minutes, some of the scum starts settling down at bottom and at the sides of the pan. Clean the sides and stir again.
After all the scum is cleared off from top and settled at bottom, you will see the foam. This is when you have to stop. I like my ghee little darker hence this color. You can stop it little before.

Line a cheese cloth(muslin cloth) on a fine sieve and strain the milk solids.

Lot of cleaning work to be done!! Once the ghee cools down close the lid. Ghee can be stored at room temperature for 2-3 months and upto 6 months when refrigerated.
I cannot explain how my room smells now and i just cannot stop myself from going near the jar..


  1. Hey Remya. This is Siby. Really great work. I used to make clarified butter by collecting the milk cream which was an arduous task in itself as you know the milk in Maharashtra is the pasteurized ones and don't yield large quantity of milk cream. But the method you used is really amazing and gloriously simple. I for sure will try this and let you know of the results.Meanwhile keep going with your great work and Why don't you apply for something like Master chef America?

    1. Siby, i am so humbled! Thanks a ton..i have a very long way to go for that. Do try and let me know, also be sure to use unsalted butter, i dont remember seeing them at our place though!


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