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Squid Dry Roast | Kanava Thoran Recipe | Koonthal Thoran Kerala Style

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
That almost all Keralites are sea food lovers is more than an established fact with very strong proven results. We are no exception. I can have them with every meal. Last Saturday, i made some Squid Dry Roast Kerala Style also known as Kananva / Koonthal Thoran in Malayalam. Recipe is my Mom's and almost all Malayalees i know prepare it this way. As always, we went to the nearest Korean Super Market and got them fresh. 

Oriental Style Noodles | How To Make Quick Asian Stir Fry Noodles | Egg Noodles | Chinese Noodles

Monday, August 24, 2015
So, it was a long time no see from my side.... Can i start with the usual excuse of  being neck deep at work and not finding enough time??? Apart from that, let me tell you all the actual reason, i did cook something which i thought could be put up in the blog, but had the most saddest pictures i had ever taken and i just couldn't bring myself up to post it. I had no clue as to what exactly went wrong, it's way too sunny inside my apartment almost always and that too till 8 pm which contributed to rather side sad pictures.

Oh, by the way, how does my blue wood backdrop look?? It was my recent DIY project and i have now 3-4 boards. Happy me!!!

Orange Almond and Yogurt Loaf | Orange Almond Yogurt Cake

Thursday, August 13, 2015
This picture has been doing the rounds from last week and some of you had asked me for its recipe. Here it is!! Orange Almond Yogurt Loaf which i baked to celebrate my blog's first birthday last week. This cake is adapted from the HummingBird Bakery's Cake Days book. (You must definitely consider getting it if you love baking cakes, every single recipe in it is fool proof ). Almost everyone i know loves citrus flavored cakes, so after my Lemon Pound Cake, here is something with Orange. Almonds and Oranges are a to die for combination. Ever bite of this cake had an amazing orange flavor and the nuttiness of almonds. Rakesh finished almost the entire loaf with his evening tea.(Of course, not in a single day).

Happy 1st Birthday to me!!

Monday, August 3, 2015
Hello my dear readers and well wishers. It's my first birthday today.

I cannot believe Remya has hold on to something finally for that long(apart from some obvious ones). If am not wrong it was on Rakesh's insistence she decided to blog. I also recollect the argument between them to choose from Wordpress or Blogger. Rakesh knew blogger and told Remya to go with it. Little was she aware, Wordpress was the next big thing. I think last time she was writing a blog post, i heard her murmur about how she wishes to do the migration and taunting Rakesh, had it not been for him suggesting blogger, she would have used that WordPress account she had created.

Keeping their unending arguments aside, I thank you all for loving me so much. I know she wasn't very regular for the whole year due to various reasons that she points out, I am glad she now manages to write once or twice a week. A promise she made!!

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