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Meet Remya

Hello there!! Thanks for stopping by my page.

I am Remya, a Software Quality Analyst by profession and a blogger by passion. I was born and raised in Bombay, Kerala is my hometown and I now currently live in California. You will find all my cooking & baking experiments here. I stick to my roots very firmly which is why you will see a lot of Kerala Recipes being shared with some innovations and personal touch and not to mention my new found love for baking. As cliched as it may sound, I have never cooked much before my marriage(If making tea counts!!). Reason?? My mom never allowed me inside the kitchen for the damage control she had to do later on!!.The more I cook now, the more I realize how therapeutic cooking makes me feel.

Forks N Knives was born to document all the recipes I would end up experimenting so that I could refer them the next time around. One fine day, some how, I decided to blog. Every recipe up on my blog has been experimented by me and my loyal friends before I post about it, so the chance of you goofing up with any of the recipes tried out from Forks N Knives is almost minimal. 

Some Random Facts about me and my blog:

1. I can bake 24x7.

2. I can eat biryani all four times of the day.

3. I can also eat dosa like point number 2.

4. I have a full-time job Mon- Fri from 9-6 pm and I do most of my blogging on weekends or at times  during weekdays.

5.  My mother still has doubts, if all those pictures I put up on my blog are actually edible.

6. I am a hardcore Mumbaite, no other city in this world can match up to it(or my expectations!!).

7. I like to be all alone in kitchen while cooking.

8.  I have not figured out what point number 8 should be.

9. I have a weakness for chocolates, given a choice between ice-cream and chocolate, i would select the latter any day of the time.

10. Why the name Forks N Knives?? Almost every domain that I tried to choose for my blog was already registered and thus the name.

11. Forks N Knives will not be a food blog alone, I will be writing about anything and everything that I feel like should be shared with all you wonderful readers. 

I would love to hear from all of you guys. I cannot contain my excitement when I see pictures shared by you guys of any of the recipes from Forks N Knives. 
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P.S: All pictures on my blog have been clicked by me. Please do not use them without my permission. Kindly ask first!

Stay blessed.




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