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Mango Phirni | Aam Phirni | Mango Rice Pudding | Phirni With Rice Flour

Sunday, June 28, 2015
I am a sucker for desserts. Be it Indian, American or anything else for that matter. Occasional Indulgence is always welcome for me. At home, we mostly prefer Indian sweets, South Indian more because most of the desserts are made up of jaggery and hardly requires more than 3-4 ingredients. As Ramazan is being celebrated by Muslims all around right now and we had few friends coming in for dinner, I decided to make Phirni. I have fond memories of eating Phirni served traditionally in earthenware from Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai. If you can ever visit this place whilst in Mumbai during Ramazan, don't think twice about it. Just go for it!! There will be an array of mouth watering veg, non- veg and desserts to make you feel guilty of not having tried them. And they serve food whole night!!

Baked Aloo Tikki | Veggie Cutlets | Potato Patties

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
 We prefer eating healthier (almost !!) and try to make smart choices most of the time. If not me, at least Hubby dear is big time into eating whole foods and works out religiously. If there is no time for a full fledged work out session, he will atleast run and come. I also try to squeeze in some or the other form of physical activity whenever i find time. Offlate there has been too much going on the work front and since i have decided i won't abandon my blog anymore, that also accounts to some action. But hey, am not complaining!! Blogging gives me immense pleasure and i have something else to do apart from being in the IT Industry(Had it not been for the $$$, i would have qu(IT)....).

Green Peas Masala | How To Make Kerala Style Green Peas Masala

Monday, June 22, 2015
I had this dish whenever I visited Kerala and it was almost always accompanied with Parotta. Especially at the local toddy shopsnwhich made them fiery red and spicy beyond tolerance levels of a normal human being. We don't get dried green peas much I believe in Mumbai and thus hardly have any memories of my mom cooking this. I tried them a couple of times with fresh peas and liked it. Most of the time, we now cook these with either frozen or fresh peas. I believe almost everyone has their own style of making green peas masala and this is my way and is loved by everyone alike.

Kootu Curry - Onam Sadya Recipe | Black Chickpeas with roasted coconut and mixed vegetables

Thursday, June 18, 2015
Howdy guys!! As Onam is nearby I am already prepping up some sadya recipes every week so that I can share with you guys a few good sadya recipes. For those unaware, Onam is a festival celebrated in Kerala, the southernmost state in India that marks rice harvesting and a festival of rain flowers. There will be week long vacations for kids and elders alike. “Sadya” is a Malayalam word for feast. Traditionally several preparations are served in a banana leaf and the atmosphere overall is very joyous. I have never had the opportunity to celebrate Onam in Kerala as our family was always in Mumbai during that time. Someday it will work out and I will be in Kerala for Onam.

Fresh Raspberry Lime Mojito Recipe.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's welcome summer with some cool cool refreshers. This happens to be my first ever cocktail recipe up on the blog. I prefer mocktails more often(ready always!!!). This one i have experimented for my hubby darling, and he gave me a thumbsup!!

Mojito is a traditional cuban cocktail made with lime, white rum, mint, simple syrup and various other additions for flavors like all kinds of berries, grape fruit, pomegranate etc. You are free to experiment with your imagination.

Let us work on this sweet, smooth, summery and totally perfect mojitos which can be made under 5 mins flat!!

How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice Every Time in Pressure Cooker.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello everyone!! What was for lunch today?? We had my perfectly cooked brown rice along with amazing wild caught fresh mackerel curry and fry. Let me tell you frankly, i was not a big fan of brown rice till some time ago and the major reason for that was whenever i tried to cook it, it was either mushy or undercooked, plus it took almost 40 minutes to cook. Isn't that a strong reason enough to not cook them anymore?? Plus, lets accept white rice is defintely more tastier!!

Over the time i have come to realize how almost everything white is not such a good choice. We dont even have all purpose flour anymore in our pantry(I would secretly love too though!!). Have you guys noticed how all white stuff says "Enriched"? Bleached enriched all purpose flour ...phew!! Not only have you bleached it and you even have the audacity to call it enriched!!! White rice is stripped of vitamins, zinc, magnesium and so many other nutrients in the process of refining. 

Paneer Paratha Recipe | Easy Paratha Recipe | Stuffed Bread

Friday, June 12, 2015
When in doubt, cook something with paneer. If there is nothing at home, by nothing i mean tomatoes, ginger, garlic etc, there has to be paneer which will be my saviour. We always have some in the refrigerator. You can make zillions of stuff out of it, plus its so delicious!!

The paneer that you get here is not very great. It can get really rubbery after cooked, which is a total turn off!! Few months back one of my friends told me about the malai paneer available in indian stores and how soft they were. She was right!! Am hooked onto them. At $6 per 400 gms, they are worth it. This is my style of paneer paratha. You can add veggies that you feel like mixing with paneer, most common being peas, which i didnt have, so just used paneer.

No Churn Egg less Mango Ice Cream

Friday, June 5, 2015
Hello everyone!! Isnt it summer in almost all part of the world?? New England is different you see...it mostly knows snow storms, blizzards, and more snow storms. I am forcefully trying to act like its hot and thus an ice cream. My favorite flavour always to order in restaurants is kesar pista, i just love it where as my man likes mango ice cream. This one was exclusively for him, plus i anyways had a mango left.

Fat Free Almond Biscotti Recipe with Whole Wheat Flour.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

So in my last post how i mentioned about the weather in all its glory. Well, it looks very sad now, dark, gloomy, rainy!!! It gets very difficult to wake up early morning, all i want to do is snooze the alarm and get inside my blanket again!! The other thing that goes wrong while its cloudy are your pictures. Nothing like bright sunlight for some beautiful food photographs.

Today with our hot cup of evening coffee i made some almond biscotti's. I love biscuits, almost all of them, and always look forward to have some or the other thing to have a quick bite during evenings. Every time we go to the nearest indian store, Rakesh tends to buy so many snack items to munch upon, and well he can very much do that. He is one among those very few people in this world who can eat anything and everything they want and still be ......yes, super fit and trim!!! Someday i will cover that topic!! For now, lets get baking!! This is a fat free biscotti and i have made use of whole wheat pastry flour. You are gonna love them as a guilt free indulgence!!

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