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Happy 1st Birthday to me!!

Monday, August 3, 2015
Hello my dear readers and well wishers. It's my first birthday today.

I cannot believe Remya has hold on to something finally for that long(apart from some obvious ones). If am not wrong it was on Rakesh's insistence she decided to blog. I also recollect the argument between them to choose from Wordpress or Blogger. Rakesh knew blogger and told Remya to go with it. Little was she aware, Wordpress was the next big thing. I think last time she was writing a blog post, i heard her murmur about how she wishes to do the migration and taunting Rakesh, had it not been for him suggesting blogger, she would have used that WordPress account she had created.

Keeping their unending arguments aside, I thank you all for loving me so much. I know she wasn't very regular for the whole year due to various reasons that she points out, I am glad she now manages to write once or twice a week. A promise she made!!

Over the year, some of the recipes were liked a lot by all of you and many of you made them at home and shared with me. Thanks a lot for that. You guys have no idea, as a blog, how much I like that. It is my biggest source of motivation. Please keep doing that. I wish to share some of the most famous recipes that you guys tried and absolutely loved.

 My Eggless Nutella Cookies were a big hit with all mommies looking out for a quick snack. So many of them baked this and shared with me the pictures. I couldn't be happier anymore.

My recent post of Lemon Pound Cake had the maximum hits and was a huge success with my readers. Thanks once again for baking it and sharing the pictures with me.

Remya apparently baked an epic Carrot Cake which was a huge hit amongst all her friends. She even claimed it to be the best ever Carrot Cake. I believe her.

And there was a no churn eggless Mango IceCream. Can you resist it??

Some times she likes eating healthy. So she shared how to cook brown rice perfectly and it was much appreciated by many.

And finally the post which began the journey. My first post-Choco Lava Cake which is her favorite, easy and quick desert.
Today she has prepared an Orange Almond Cake to celebrate my birthday. I bet she loves me...!!

I will see you all next year. Keep reading my posts and recreating my recipes.


Forks N Knives.


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