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Fresh Raspberry Lime Mojito Recipe.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's welcome summer with some cool cool refreshers. This happens to be my first ever cocktail recipe up on the blog. I prefer mocktails more often(ready always!!!). This one i have experimented for my hubby darling, and he gave me a thumbsup!!

Mojito is a traditional cuban cocktail made with lime, white rum, mint, simple syrup and various other additions for flavors like all kinds of berries, grape fruit, pomegranate etc. You are free to experiment with your imagination.

Let us work on this sweet, smooth, summery and totally perfect mojitos which can be made under 5 mins flat!!

I am making just 1 glass. Muddle a slice of lime, 7 raspberries, 1 tbsp sugar, 5 mint leaves with a wooden spoon or with a pestle.

Fill the glass with ice cubes, add 1.5 oz white rum, shake vigourously, top with 2 oz club soda and you are done!

 How do you make this a mocktail?? Simple, just dont use the rum! Instead, just the club soda!! This must be my shortest blog post ever...:D


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